Thursday, May 01, 2014

WDC 1.2 web components

* one of umbrella term on html5

* templates
- insert DOM

* custome element (like directive in angularjs)
- define bew elements

* lifecycle events

* shadow DOM
- e.g video player control
- encapsulation
- iframe without a baggage

* shadow dom css

* composibility
components must do 1 think well.
make it so generic style withno class so everyone can override it

e.g img avatar which get the src and username

* u can start using today
- platform.ja polyfills

* mozilla bricks

like angular directive
it will be on top of web components..
so u dont need to use polymers

conflicts and relationship
- global polution
- namespace to avoid conflicts
- can't create relationship e.g select and option
- dependency management
- versioning?
- accessible, perfomance, security?

- (check this out for answer all those questions)
-- they have review system.

--- summary
- composibility for web componest
- polymer and x-tag allow to buiild today
- spec is changing rapidly
- chrome and firefox support
- fav framework like angular will use native api in the future

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