Saturday, December 29, 2007

Jesus answers all my prayers

Tonight, I couldn’t sleep before I archive this true story into my blogs. I just don’t want to waste these wonderful experiences. Hopefully, It can be a blessing for others as well.

Before 2004, I was confused about my life. I had a dream to become IT programmer and scientists on day, but it seemed impossible for me. I came from a broken home family. Even I am a Christian and every week going to church at least 3 times, my personality was still broken.

I always asked God, Why God gave me this family, not like another families. Every time I saw my friend’s father or families, I always cry to God. Every time the preacher talks about Father’s love, I always cry. I could not believe it because I never feel it.

After finishing my senior high school, I decide to continue studied at STTS which had a connection with Swinburne University. (2 Years in Indonesia and 1 Year in Australia). At that time, I thought that I could run away from my parents, work in Australia until getting PR (Permanent Resident) and live independent without my parents.

The reasons were that IT and technology in Australia is much better than in Indonesia.

At that time, it was so miraculous because my father allowed me to enter that university even later on my father always angry about this and asked my mother to pay as well and pay only 1 year.

November 2004, I arrived in Melbourne, Australia with uncertainties. I had known that to be eligible to get PR (Permanent Resident), I need to stay at least 2 years and get a master degree.

I can only depend on God alone. I believe in “Matthew 6:33 - seek first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you”.

No matter how busy I am, at any time, I make my God in the first place.

In order to eligible to get my PR (Permanent Resident), I have to work extremely hard.

In the beginning before I start my university until January 2005, I had become a Gardener once week + Leaflet delivery. I was tremendously hard, but I thought it was better to die in here rather I had to go back to Indonesia after finished my studying.

I had planned to save my living cost that my parents give me to continue my master degree ($10.000). So I need to get $6.000 more in a year + my living cost.

I also need to study hard as well, because if I failed my subject, I will not able to pay it or even to finish my bachelor degree.

Luckily on February 2005, God give me a better job as stock taker in Asian Grocery. It was very hard job and in order to get more money I need to work 12 hours and twice a week sometimes third times a week. But again It is better rather than I have to go back to my country.

After my first semester on 2005, God blessed me with a good score in my studies. I got HD (High Distinction) for all my subjects. I don’t know how, because officially I only study after 10 – 12 PM after works and the other days I have attended lectures, labs and working on my assignments. But I pays really attentions to the lecture and always come even I was sick.

Because of that good score, Sebastian Ng, My program manager gives me opportunities to become a Tutor and IT Helpdesk. In the first time my English was really horrible, but I don’t know how God can help me become Tutor in 3 subjects in 1 semester. Those subjects were new for me because I never took those subjects in Swinburne. So in order to be able to tutoring a university student which most of them are older than me, I need to do 3 more extra studying instead of my subjects that I took that semester. It was really miraculous.

Tutoring helps me to pay my living cost and saving more money for my master degree as well. It helps me to practice my English and my knowledge as well. However at that time, I still continue worked at Asian Grocery because I still need steady money. If tutoring, I did not get any money in holiday periods.

Some of my friends recommend me to find another job instead of Asian Grocery because the salary is very small.

I had try to apply IT job, But I still did not have permanent resident and no degree.

In certain point, I ever feel disappointed with my studies. Because It seems useless studying hard but only get this boring job.

However I believe at Luke 16: 10 – be faithful in small things and God will trust you with bigger things”

Finally after finishing my bachelor, I have money for paying my master degree $16.000. It was really blessing & miraculous for me.

However, I have to save money for another living cost again for 1 year master while I am studying (at least $10.000) + Permanent Resident ($4.500).

Once again, I only depend on God. If God can make me came to Australia, finish my bachelor, Why God can not finish my master or even my Permanent Resident (PR)?

After 1 year worked in Asian Grocery, I have to find another position because they don’t have enough shifts anymore. However once again, God was good to me. On the same day February 2006, I directly get another job as Kitchen Hand on Italian Restaurant. I was very happy. The salary is higher but it is harder. I had to wash carpet at 12 pm and I went home at 1 in the morning. After worked I could not sleep, because all of my body was so sick.

After 1 month, I got rheumatic because of that job, however once more, God give me an opportunity to do more tutoring and interview with Microsoft and TCS. So I can not do kitchen hand anymore because I can not match my schedule.

On June 2006, I try to find a job which is related to my studies (IT). I get 3 opportunities to build software to them. Before they even pay me, I already started or even finished those projects. But for certain reason all of them are cheated me. 2 of them did not pay me anything. And 1 of them because of certain reason they only can pay me half price.

At that point I was really down. I could not do anything; even I have tried all of my power, energy, skill, time and knowledge. I realize people can work so hard but If God does not give a good opportunity, everything will be useless.

However not long after that, on August 2006, God answer my prayer by giving me a proper job at Computelec (Port Melbourne). This position is very easy and good salary but it is too far and there is no opportunity to be a full time after I graduate my master degree.

After 1 month worked in Computelec, God answers my prayer again, I get an opportunity as a software developer in good IT Company which is offer me full time position after I graduated. It is very close from my university and where I was living and it gave me a lot of experiences as well. I was really blessed to get this job before I graduate or even become full time before I get my Permanent Resident.

After graduating from Master Degree with full HD (High Distinction) mark, which again so miraculous for me, I get an offer to do a summer research at Swinburne for $ 4.000.

So on 15 of December 2006, I can use lawyer for applying my permanent resident ($4.000). That process was so miraculous so I got my permanent resident on 16 May 2007.

Now, I can live in Australia nicely and getting my dream with full hope and believe in Him.

When I looked back, I feel so graceful and proud of my God. I was nothing without Him. He always besides me and care for me even in the beginning, it seems He just watching my problems and gives me strength.

God has been answering all prayers and my questions.

I never feel disappointed anymore having my earthly father like this anymore. God has changed everything which seems unfair to me into a blessing. Moreover He always finds any excuse to bless me. (Gen 50:20 ... Ye thought evil against me, But God meant it unto good. ...)

Probably I may have a good earthly father, but I will never feel how good my Father in Heaven for me.

I also thanks to my parents who had been worked so hard to help me finish my study as well. All of supports from my mother and my father, I will never forget.

Hope my experience will help you who in problems or waiting for God’s answer. I know it is very hard. But at the end, you will definitely amaze. “HOW GREAT OUR GOD IS”