Friday, May 02, 2014

WDC 2.9 the future of indieweb manifesto 2001

in the old days everyone have their own url instead of name.

2002 friendly silos arrived.
- sharing

2006 - social network
easy signup
ur friend friends
reading and posting (where u can comment)

2007 popularizes simplicity
extremely simple ui

2007 facebook f8 platform launch
2008 facebook connect
2014 facebook f8 
it reminds at as worker hive back to silos

geocities shutdown
upcoming shutdown
posterous shutdown

what went wrong in 2003?
peak independent web.
- atom vs rss ? arguing plumbing instead of UI
- trackback or pingback is spam
- pingback noise user experience. it was designed by backend

decline if personal sites
- distracted by format wars
- social net to connect to people
- silo ux evolved: twiter fb

distraction vs focus

2008 social web foo camp - federation twitter and jaiku
but didnt happened

2010 federated social web summit
- too much talking not enough building
- architecture astronot. (abstraction)
- more talkers
- complacent complexity . eg oauth. salmon

i dont care about federation, i care abt mu content and my friend

docs wiki

- show dont tell
- creators only
- must have domain nane to attend
- use ur site as openid to signin to wiki
- rsvp on wiki
- creators may bring an apprentice

what we learn?
- no mailing list. instead irc archived
- simplicity
oauth => indieauth
pingback => drop xml rpc just http (webmention)
easier pubs and consumers
user exp first

copy the best e.g copy from twitter ui into our web

2014 do we have a chance?
- peak silo ux -> fb like twitter
they stuck

* publish on his own site and itpublish  everywhere
distribution interactions

indieweb wants u.
to own ur data , permalinks abd ur identity online

irc #indiewebcamp
build indieweb into ur site

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