Friday, May 02, 2014

WDC 2.1 Offline first

demo about todo list.
when the server off, it doesn't sync until the server on again.

offline problem
-trust problem.
i want to be sure that my data is there when i need it.

taking screenshot of your app. because u dont trust the app e.g map

-always online architecture
as mob user i want to use app with doesn't require to be online.

- my data isn't with me.
let me have a copy on my device
*always accessible personal data

rss reader should have bew dara un them when u open.

obviously important data store locally.

smart offline maps.

offline first challenge
- save vs sync

give signal red yellow green about connection instead of loading gif

-informing users about sync outcomes
e.g chat

- performance (zero latency)
- robust
- better experiences (save all time)

is it worth it?
-more usage in mobile

we need to communicate better language to the user about offline first

check this link

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