Thursday, May 01, 2014

WDC 1.10 you dont know SVG

mostly the dont know svg
try to avoid it
change name - responsive graphics

snap.svg libraries

e.g make a accelorometer
flash make cpu 100 percent

the most powerful svg 
- path
m50,50 move 
l100 draw line
h500 draw horizontal
z close the path

the magic of <use> element

owesome is created a life copy of dom elements.

<circle ..
<use xlink:href..

better than container
it will create for total shape


masking and cliping, animation already been there long time ago before css

the fun part when combining it togather 
e.g pattern and mask

text in the path..
powerful feature but never implemented in real life.

u can use css in svg

nested svg inside svg

css transformation is originated from svg

multimeter using svg

- stop being affraid with svg
- web already have svg and u have been ignoring svg for a while

svg vs canvas faster?
like knive vs sword., go check for it..

its all backup with dom level so if u create 100 balls running around, it will be slower because it has backup dom


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