Wednesday, October 30, 2013

AngularJS ng-option with IE8

IE always make our life a bit challenging. especially with AngularJS ng-option, it won't refresh the options unless we trigger it by modify the options content. I guess this is the rendering issue in IE8, it try to compare the reference instead of the value. Here is the code snippet if you need it.


Roger said...

Dude this rocks! Thanks so much. Small typo in the comments on to use. Should be ie-select-fix not sk-ie-select. But it works great. Stopped me from pulling more hair out.

Terry Go said...

Thanks for this!
I'm using IE8 and when I delete or add an item from or to the collection ng-option doesn't update select entry. This directive with $watch works great. One thing that I want to point is I had to use $watchCollection to make this work with AngularJS v1.2.14.

Unknown said...

This is awesome! Helped me.. Thanks a lot.