Thursday, February 09, 2006

Hacking VS Hacker

Do Ethical Hacking is allowable ?

My Argument:

For  if there is no harms then hacking could not be consider as crime

• For educational purpose such as internet security,
to practice internet knowledge we must practice in real world , otherwise it will be useless when we enter into the real world. Some of company will catch some student that only wants to practice their knowledge in the university. For example Port scanning. But “Swinburne” University also blocks port scanning and give a warning to student who doing port scan.
• To increase the security in our security knowledge.
Because of hacker who like to try another system, or try to hack or try to learn the security issue. There are a lot of internet security books who is written by the famous hacker. If they are not allowing to doing research to hack that not causing harm, how can they increase the knowledge of internet security.
• If we see using the utilitarianism, we can see if there is no harm it means there will be more benefits. So hacking that is not causing harm can not be consider as crime.
• If there is no hacker such as no cracker in this world. We will be more sorrow. It is the opposite of the meaning of the computer. Computer should be making live happier. If we should buy the expansive software, there will be one person that has the most happiness above our sorrow ness.

Against if there is no harms then hacking still consider as crime
• Even though it is not causing any harms, no program/system is created are not to be break by hacker. They will expect that the software or program that he made was perfect, no one will break it.
• According to hacker it is not harm, but according to the software creator it has already breaks the confidentiality of the system. And the privacy of the software.
for example: can you read others diary that you don’t know even though you will not causing them harm because you don’t have any relationship with them?
• Even though there is no harm , you has entered or probing information without permission. According to social contract theory, it is explicitly immoral action.
• According to Kantianism the motive is wrong. They use other company’s security to improve the skills, or practice their knowledge or just having fun. Why they don’t choose the authorize system?

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